What Makes Access Electric Houston TX Electricians Stand Out

Written by: Philip Jones

Hiring a quality electrician is essential to getting the job done correctly and safely. When you hire a Houston Texas electrician to entrust with work in your home or businesses, you want to be confident that the contractor has the training, skill and experience required. But what makes electricians from Access Electric stand out above the rest? Here are the electrical standards you should look for when hiring a Houston Texas Electrician.

Choose a Fully Licensed Electrician

According to the U.S. Fire Association, a branch of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, electrical fires in homes are the cause of 280 deaths in an average year, with 1,000 more injuries. Faulty wiring and overloaded circuits are two of the major causes of home electrical fires. Only a fully licensed electrician should be given electrical work, since the consequences of the work done incorrectly can be life-threatening.

Many handymen claim to know how to do electrical work. Your HVAC technician may say he or she can wire the new central air conditioning system, but you should always ask to see their licenses and certifications. Because electrical work is very technical, you should always hire a licensed electrical contractor to do any significant wiring in your home. While the types of license carried will vary by state, it will typically include an Electrical Contractor License, Residential Electrical Contractor License, Class A Master Electrician, Residential Master, Class B Master Electrician, or Class A Journeyman Electrician, among others.

Only Consider Experienced Electricians

Being licensed is a starting point. From there, an electrician needs to have years of work in order to become an expert. When you are interviewing electricians in Houston Texas, ask about the years of experience they have. If a crew will be doing the work, as about the experience level of each member of the crew. It only takes one inexperienced person to cause problems “potentially dangerous problems” in your home or business. Fire, electrical shock or damage to appliances and equipment can be the result.

Ask about Insurance and Bonding

Don’t hire an electrician who can’t show you insurance and bonding papers. If an electrical contractor is not insured, you as the owner of the home or business may be held liable for any damage that occurs during the work—including fire damage. If someone is hurt, even a member of the electrical crew, you may be sued for damages since it occurred on your property. Hiring a properly-insured contractor reduces your risk.

Secondly, when hiring an electrician in Houston Texas, only consider those who are fully-bonded. This means that if they do not complete the work as promised, the company bonding the contractor will pay you compensation. A bonded contractor will rarely walk away from a job that hasn’t been completed, so require any electrician you discuss the work with to show you proof of being bonded.

Expect Written Estimates with No Hidden Charges

The best electricians in Houston will provide you with written estimates that show the costs for materials and labor. The contractor should guarantee that the estimate will be your final cost unless certain issues come up that have been discussed in advance. There are times when an electrical contractor may not be able to anticipate some costs until work is started, but you should be made aware of that potential before you agree to hire the electrical company.


When interviewing Houston electrical contractor, price should never be the only criteria you use to make your decision. Take your time to learn about their credentials and experience, insurance and bonding, and whether or not they provide written estimates you can trust. These tips will allow you to hire a Houston electrician you can rely on for safe, reliable electrical work.

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